Tips On Finding The Top Wedding Videography In Ireland


A wedding is truly a magical moment where love and deep friendship is celebrated in all the glitz and glam. However, it goes without saying that planning for a wedding is a monumental task. There are a lot of tasks to handle, important decisions to make and sometimes, lots of frustrations along the way. Everyone dreams of having a perfect wedding that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. There is only one chance to get things right and this tends to mount more pressure on wedding planners.

If you are planning an Irish wedding, finding the top wedding videography in Ireland is one of the most fundamental steps of the process. The demand for wedding films has risen drastically in the past years. Even though wedding ceremonies last for only one day, there is no better way to relive your big day than having all the special moments captured on film. Therefore, finding a professional and experienced wedding videographer in Ireland who’ll be able to perfectly capture all the special moments is definitely something that you’d want to take seriously.

Decide On Your Wedding Film Style Preference

Even before commencing the search for your perfect wedding videographer, it is important to first decide on which wedding film style you’d want for your wedding. There are different styles and they include, documentary, cinematic, contemporary, fusion, music montage amongst others.

These styles cater to different needs and even though one style may be appealing to other couples, it may not be your cup of tea. Watch as many samples as you can online and other sources in order to determine your favourite. This will help you to narrow down your search criteria. Find a videographer that is adept at your specific style.


The experience of the videographer is one of the most considerations to factor in. It comes as no surprise that an experienced videographer will provide better results than a newbie. Therefore, in addition to finding out how long the videographer has been in the entertainment and wedding industry, it is important to determine whether the videographer is familiar with your wedding venue or has experience shooting in a similar venue and setting. Having a venue-recommended videographer helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your special day.

They know how things work at the venue and are aware of the best locations to set up their equipment in order to get the best angles and capture all moments. They are also familiar with the lighting conditions of the venue and will be able to put up proper measures to guarantee the best quality.

Hire A Videographer That You Are Comfortable Working With

This factor is absolutely important. You need to find a friendly videographer that you like and are comfortable working with. Considering the fact that you, your family, friends and other invited guests will be spending the whole day with the videographer, you need to find one that engages positively with other people. Organize meetups with the shortlisted videographers to find your best fit.

As the videographer also works closely with the photographer, you need to ensure that the two are able to cooperate and work alongside each other in order to get the best results. You might take the extra step of finding photographers and videographers that have worked together before.

Ensure That The Videographer Is Insured

Most wedding venues in Ireland require service providers to be insured in order to operate within their premises. In order to avoid any inconveniences on your wedding day. They should have an insurance policy for public liability and indemnity.