Tips For Hiring A Wedding Photo Booth


A photo booth can be an entertaining addition to your wedding reception. It is also a great way to create memories of your big day without too much stress. However, if you want everything to run smoothly with your photo booth, there are some points to consider before you sign the rental contract.

Be Careful With Cheap Booths 

Most people have a budget for their wedding and need to keep to this. Your photo booth may be one of the areas where you think you could save some money. While there are cheap rental options, you need to be careful with this because you get what you pay for.

Cheaper photo booths will often be from newer companies that could have teething problems. They could also have lower quality cameras, smaller booths or use tablets to take the pictures. You may also have to run the booth yourself with the company not sending any assistants.

Check The Camera Specs 

You will want to have the best quality pictures from your booth and this requires a good camera. Sharp and clean images will come from a DSLR camera and you need to confirm that the booth you hire has one. Of course, this will cost more, but the images will be worth the extra expense.

A lot of newer photo booth rental companies will shy away from these cameras because they are more expensive for the company to purchase. These companies will rely on tablets to take the pictures in the booth. While many tablets have very good cameras, they will not compare to a DSLR camera.

The Attendants 

When you hire a wedding photo booth, you need to find out how many attendants the company will send to your wedding. This is very important and you should look for a company that sends at least two. If you do not have any attendants, you are not going to have the best experience.

The attendants will take the stress off and they will handle all the people using the booth. They will also be in charge of the props and any technical aspects of the booth operation. If something goes wrong with the booth, they will be there to help.

Do Not Skimp On Rental Hours 

When you hire a photo booth, you will have to specify the number of hours that you want the booth for. It is always better to go for longer rental hours even if it costs a bit more. You may be surprised at the difference an extra hour will make.

The extra hour will also provide more time for the bride and groom to use the booth. It is important to note that most photo booth rental companies will have a minimum rental time. The additional hours will vary in cost based on the company you choose.

If you are thinking about hiring a photo booth for your wedding, there are some tips that you need to know about. These tips will ensure that you hire the right booth and that you are able to get the most out of the rental.