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The method I will be using is very simple, but unfortunately it is not fool proof. Anyone with a little knowledge or experience in computer systems and Batch files will most likely be able to circumvent it rather quickly. However, it should work just fine for hiding things from people with little or no computer or batch file knowledge. To enable USB drive password protection, use BitLocker to encrypt thumb drive. When setting up the encryption process, select ‘Use password to unlock the drive’. This will allow you to set up a password on your USB stick and write-protect your data.

You can navigate to any option and press “Tab” or “Enter” for auto-completion. Additionally, Notepad++ lets you search in the current file or all tabbed files. The Notepad app does not offer the dark mode, but on Windows 11, if Windows color mode is set to “Dark,” the Notepad app adapts the change. When you save the file, the orange line turns green to suggest the saved content. This is the Notepad vs. Notepad++ comparison to find the best program.

You can also use word wrap to prevent your texts just going all the way across the screen. Besides this, you can print a Notepad document as well as create a header, margin and footer on Microsoft Notepad. Check out the Notepad FAQ for guidelines on how to do these things. Notepad++ Editor is one of the most important programs on any computer that everyone uses every day. The most popular and popular editor in Windows operating systems is Notepad, which is definitely familiar to everyone. Just open Notepad and start typing text on it and click on save to save a file in .txt format.

Now, we will create four files here for the login system. AirDisk Pro allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Characters remain standard in width, but the height of the lowercase is maximized.

Ways: How to Password Protect a Notepad Text File in Windows

The same thing applies to other files and folders too. As of now, there are many Android apps available on the Google Play Store that are meant to password protect just files and folders. You can use any of them to encrypt your important files.

  • As the name suggests, MultiClipboard is designed for copying code from within the source or from other source files.
  • To remove the password protection, go to the App Lock tab, select Evernote and press the delete key.
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If compared to the standard version, it will highlight the error and mistakes can be removed. This app is a source code editor and debugger. It has the fan-favorite feature command palette, as well as simultaneous editing, quick navigation, autosave, plus its latest version has just been released at the end of May 2021. Diff Doc is another simple text comparison tool that is fast, reliable, and accurate. It can compare different file types and also supports folder comparison. In addition, it shows the difference between your files and folders in its two side-by-side comparison modes.

How do I password protect a text file in OSX?

The process of password protecting a folder on Windows 11 is quite similar to the techniques followed on previous versions of Windows. So, just go ahead and take a look at how to lock a folder in Windows 11 with password using CMD. It’s a very straightforward method, and anyone with basic computer knowledge can so try it. The app was developed by Samsung for its smartphone, and it leverages the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create a private space that’s encrypted with a password. So, you can use that private space to lock files and folders.

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It gets removed from the notepad and available in the clipboard. Copy does not delete original selected text but just copied it to the clipboard. If you think typing notes is a long and boring task, why not transcribe them? Speech Notes allows saving transcribed notes as TXT and Word files or directly to Google Drive. You can also save your notes session offline to continue later, as well as type notes if you want to make corrections or amendments. Stashpad is planning to work on making notes collaborative so users can share some of their notes for a group brainstorming session.